As you start learning programming you will probably have questions about how to build, create, deploy and run games or other interactive web applications in the cloud. Flashcards are the answer to those questions. They have been the mainstay of learning programming for most of the past decade.

But that doesn’t mean you should use them exclusively. There are other ways to learn. With some creativity and good information you can quickly learn new concepts and then build web applications that are both engaging and productive.

You can get started building good flashcards for any programming concept. You can build flashcards for some core knowledge as well as skill-building in problem solving, technical writing, programming models and more.

We have tutorials on this website that demonstrate how to build flashcards for both code and data. For example, these Tuts+ tutorial on how to build a simple programming flashcard that generates-in the card-a coding error message, will help you understand how you can use flashcards to improve your programming skills.

We also offer real-time search capabilities for flashcards. For example, in addition to the full-text search that you’ll find in Google, we provide another form of search, that is, a regular expression search.

There are many guides on creating flashcards and connecting them to apps. One article that gave me some pointers was Flashcards 4 Elegance by Steve Krug.

But I needed a cheat sheet to do my tests. I couldn’t just mark up my answer sheet, all I could do was try to tell right from wrong. And no matter how good my logic was, trying to write a cheat sheet is not fun. That’s why I created this smart flashcard editor.

There is no need to be a programming veteran and you can learn easily. Simply click on the link to download, build and start using your flashcards on the Inkscape Desktop application.


With your help we will expand this project and grow it into a thriving learning platform for computer science, math, engineering and other subjects. We have a dedicated Board of Directors who is committed to getting this platform up and running. Everyone is free to join or leave the community.