Ready-made cards

  • Downloads from Quizlet
  • Downloads from Study Stack
  • Downloads from Flashcard Exchange
  • Downloads from ProVoc
  • Downloads from their own shared library for users of the app
  • Also downloads the images


  • Can send a stack to another user over wifi or bluetooth
  • Can email a stack to another user

Import & export

  • Lets you import a text file or Google Docs spreadsheet, or provides another solution
  • Can export stacks to a CSV or tab-separated text file


  • No tracking. Shows every card in a stack
  • Cards can be flagged to exclude them from a stack
  • Uses Leitner boxes
  • Uses SRS
  • Uses SRS and tracks the difficulty of each card


  • Syncs in the cloud
  • Has a website version
  • Syncs over wifi or bluetooth
  • Has a desktop version


  • Cards can have images
  • Cards can have sounds
  • Text-To-Speech: can read the contents of a card
  • Can lookup a description or translation when you add a card

Details on the features

Downloads from their own shared library for users of the app

When you have an account on (free) you can subscribe to others user’s courses and also download them to the app.

Lets you import a text file or Google Docs spreadsheet, or provides another solution

You can import and export stacks using the built-in webserver. Stacks you want to import have to be in their 'Q and A' format, a simple text format. LIke this:

Q: What is the capital of Slovakia?
A: Bratislava

Q: What is the capital of Argentina?
A: Buenos Aires

Possible types of questions are: simple Q&A;, multiple choice & 'fill in the gap'.
More info about the format:

An exported stack is saved in the same text format.

Has a website version - free
Next to buying existing courses you can also make your own stacks on this website (only simple Q&A; cards, no multiple choice & 'fill the gap'), study them on the website + on the iPhone, and sync between the two.
Images and sounds don’t get downloaded to the iPhone though.


Introduction video (4 min):

Next to the normal question/answer cards you can also make multiple choice and 'fill the gap' questions.

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Dec 17, 2009
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Aug 31, 2012
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SuperMemo World


★ SuperMemo Application for iPhone

Enough of running to language classes? Everyone speaks at a different level? Loads of books and copies to learn from? The SuperMemo for iPhone application gives you access to language courses that you need, at your level anytime you feel like learning.

With the FREE SuperMemo for iPhone application, you will be able to download the following:

✓ Comprehensive courses (Spanish, English) with audio at 3 levels (basic, intermediate, advanced)
✓ Extremes Deutsch, Espaňol Extremo, Extreme English - vocabulary courses covering over 25,000 items (with audio)
✓ grammar courses for English, German, Spanish and Polish
✓ Business English course (with audio)
✓ Chinese Fast Track - This course is aimed at English-speaking users who want to learn Mandarin at the beginner’s level
✓ Exam preparation courses like BEC Words, PET Words, SAT Words, etc.
✓ Art gallery, capitals of the world and many more...

Our courses are in 8 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Polish.

In addition, you can also create your own simple courses supported by the SuperMemo method.

★ What is SuperMemo?

SuperMemo is a method of computer-aided learning which:
✓ adapts learning schedule to your individual aptitude and experience
✓ finds optimum intervals for refreshing information learnt before
✓ minimises the amount of repetition necessary to maintain your desired level of knowledge retention
✓ is based on scientific research into long-term memory.

With SuperMemo, you waste no time on revising the material you remember well, because learning is powered by the acclaimed SuperMemo algorithm. With regular learning and revising for just 10 minutes a day, everyone can learn over 500 new words per month with an average retention exceeding 95%. 

The features of the application include:

✓ the possibility of synchronisation with - the online e-learning service
✓ adjustable level of knowledge retention (forgetting index)
✓ flexible learning plan
✓ learning and reviewing modes
✓ repetition and learning statistics.

★ Requirements

The application can be run only on devices with iPhone OS 3.0. (or higher) installed. It has been tested on iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad.

An Internet connection is necessary to download the courses. Because of their volume (e.g. 100MB) using the Wi-Fi connection for iPhone while downloading is recommended, as it reduces the cost compared to the EGDE or 3G technology transfer.

iPhone screenshot 1
iPhone screenshot 2
iPhone screenshot 3
iPhone screenshot 4
iPhone screenshot 5