Ready-made cards

  • Downloads from Quizlet
  • Downloads from Study Stack
  • Downloads from ProVoc
  • Downloads from their own shared library for users of the app
  • Also downloads the images


  • Can send a stack to another user over wifi or bluetooth
  • Can email a stack to another user


  • No tracking. Shows every card in a stack
  • Cards can be flagged to exclude them from a stack
  • Uses Leitner boxes
  • Uses SRS
  • Uses SRS and tracks the difficulty of each card


  • Syncs in the cloud
  • Has a website version
  • Syncs over wifi or bluetooth
  • Has a desktop version

Import & export

  • Lets you import a text file or Google Docs spreadsheet, or provides another solution
  • Can export stacks to a CSV or tab-separated text file


  • Cards can have images
  • Can search for images on Flickr (or similar site) when you add a card
  • Cards can have sounds
  • Text-To-Speech: can read the contents of a card}
  • Can lookup a description or translation when you add a card
  • Cards can show a hint to help you recall the answer
  • Cards can have an extra answer side: a third side

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Sep 22nd 2012
4 years ago

Last update

Nov 2nd 2012
4 years ago


FlashCrop LLC


FlashCrop makes creating flashcards quicker. This is an app designed to create your own flashcard decks by taking a picture of your notes and cropping out terms and definitions.

FlashCrop utilizes the camera feature on the iphone to help students cut their preparation time drastically in order to spend more time studying. With FlashCrop’s
“cropping” feature you are able to create multiple flashcards from the same image. Simply take a picture of your class notes, glossaries, or book then crop out the front and back of the flashcards from that single image. From there, users can create custom
decks according to subject, class, or chapter. This allows students to stay organized with their flashcards at all times.

Features include:
- Create Cards: Picture Cropping & Text
- Performance Tracking
- Category Storage
- Automatic Deck Name Creation
- Much More In Future Releases...

iPhone screenshot 1