About me

I’m Thijs, a recovering PHP developer, currently concentrating on iOS and Python. Captiv8 is my company.

About this site

Right now you can download cs for free.

Well.. I had this spreadsheet. I was developing a flash card app and I had a ginormous spreadsheet with ALL the details on ALL the similar apps on the App Store. It took half a minute just to open that beast. I had bought and tried all those apps.

And then I figured the gathered information might be useful for other users, plus it might be a good first project to try on Google App Engine.

So here you go. Here’s all the info. I hope you find it useful.

On this website are included all the apps that:

  • can contain at least a few different stacks (languages, subjects) and let you select which stack you want to study at a given time

  • let you make or import your own stacks.
    Apps that come with a fixed stack, like for 1 specific language, are left out.

  • let you study in a ‘show question, then answer’ manner. (Active recall being a very efficient way to study)
    Although some apps may contain extra study methods like: multiple choice, fill-the-gap, typing out an answer, etc.

If you know of an app that’s missing, have questions, remarks, tips,.. please .

I check the Education category of the App Store for new apps at the beginning of each month, and I’ll try an app again after an update that adds functionality.